About Dr. Frank Kinslow

Dr. Frank J. Kinslow has been researching and teaching healing techniques for more than 35 years. He draws from his clinical experience as a chiropractic physician, in-depth studies into Eastern esoteric philosophies and practices, and an ardent love of relativity and quantum physics. In 2007, the Quantum Entrainment process of instant healing was born out of a personal crisis that left Dr. Kinslow with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Out of this nothing, he was able to create a vibrant and fulfilling life for himself. He began to teach and write with such simplicity and clarity that in just a few years, tens of thousands of people around the world were able to create vibrant and fulfilling lives for themselves just by reading his books. He continues to write and teach extensively. He resides in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife, Martina.

Humble Pie

I once met a woman who was a hairdresser from Colombia. She had been in the U.S. for several months and spoke almost no English. She smoked cigarettes and drank strong Colombian coffee from morning till night. She worked long hours, ate little and poorly and had a host of physical complaints related to her lifestyle. When I went to get my hair cut we would nod and smile and I would show off my snappy command of the Spanish language by saying “Hi” and “Thank you very much.” I once tried to ask her how she was feeling. What I actually said was something like, “How does your bed feel?” Have you ever had a dog quizzically tilt his head and look at you with a mixture of confusion and pity in his eyes? She gave me that very same look and I quickly decided to stick to nodding and smiling, frequently and broadly.

She was a pleasant woman and I was somehow drawn to know more about her. I remember my ego subtly nagging me that there was no sense in getting to know her because (and now ego seized memory and the moment to support its argument) I shouldn’t be around smokers or people who abuse themselves by overworking and poor diet. She knows no English, I know no Spanish, and furthermore, she comes from a totally unfamiliar cultural and vocational background. Even if we could communicate, what would we talk about? “After all, Frank,” my ego now kicking into high gear, “You need to have ‘deep’ conversations to satisfy your intellectual appetite. And what if, being from Colombia she has drug ties…

Boy, what a crock! I couldn’t believe my thoughts. It was hard to accept that they were actually coming from me. But there they were, bold as boloney. But were those thoughts coming from me? Nothing was coming out of that part of me that was watching. That was just innocent observation of what the mind was thinking. Then in a flash I realized that those objections came from my memory. Outdated thoughts from my memory were dictating my present thinking and actions. I was both appalled and fascinated. It was like watching a car wreck in my own mind. I couldn’t turn away. And it is a good thing I didn’t.

I continued to be split in two, as it were, simultaneously observing and thinking. The observing “I” was never judging, never interfering with the impudent and “off to conquer the world” shenanigans of memory “me.” Even though my mind sputtered on relentlessly, as it always had, I felt a deep sense of benevolence; an intimate rapport with peace. I, as others have, came to call this delicious state of inner wakefulness, Self-awareness. Later once Quantum Entrainment was discovered I labeled this delicious state of self-surrender Eufeeling.

Several weeks later I had occasion to share a table with the Colombian hairdresser in the smoking section of a crowded restaurant. I listened, patiently aware of Eufeeling, as my mind reeled off the reasons I should not be in the smoking section with a smoker who didn’t speak English, and with whom I had only my graying hair in common.

I slid into the booth and smiled the kind of goofy smile that precedes a long, awkward silence. Then I proceeded to endure a long, awkward silence in which I truly believed I could feel my hair growing. Finally, just before my smiling muscles turned to knotted wood, I said, in my best Spanish, “Good water.”

“Si, in glass.”

“This is ketchup.”


“I like ketchup.”

“Si, it was red.”

… And so it went, thin slices of conversation sandwiched between thick slices of silence until the meal ended. All the while, I observed as judgments, leftovers from my memory, continued to jostle for dominance. Never interfering, I watched as memories bubbled up and burst on the surface of my consciousness.

Then I realized something most remarkable. As I quietly observed a thought, erupting into consciousness, it immediately dissipated, becoming a kind of silent energy. Memory was past energy, trapped and stagnant. All I did was quietly observe a thought as it was released from memory and it was liberated; prevented from recycling back and deepening attachment to the past. As I remained awake and innocently watched the process unfold, negative thought energy converted to a subtle healing energy. For years I had tried to win the war against negative thoughts and all I ever had to do was…well, was nothing! Waking up and watching is effortless and immediate. How simple, how utterly brilliant. All evening I had been dining on the Self and as the corporeal meal was winding down, my new friend asked, “You want sweet food?”

“No thank you.” I responded, “I’m feeling deliciously full.”

Tossing the tip on the table, I felt a deep sense of calm as if everything was just as it should be. If I had listened to the echoes from my memory, I would have been sniffing my clothes for smoke and mentally highlighting the awkward moments that dominated an otherwise innocent adventure. Instead I was at peace. During the months that followed I learned more about the Colombian I broke bread with. We eventually became friends and parts of my life have been greatly enriched because I chose to observe, rather than react to the mania of my memory.

Nothing for Me Thanks

Reflexively, my head turned toward the sound of a breaking plate, and then more slowly back to the middle-aged woman sitting across from me. We were at a small marbled table in a trendy café. It was an island of equanimity cluttered with mid-morning deserters from a chaotic world that waited, like an expectant father, just beyond the glass doors.

She was a friend, visiting Sarasota for a few weeks to soak up a compassionate winter sun. We had been catching up on each other’s lives. She told me about her children, her job and the health issues she was dealing with. She set her cup down and when she raised her eyes they had lost the sparkle that had played there just moments before. I waited. When she broke the silence her voice was muted and her mood pensive.

She said with real concern, “You have said that in order to have inner peace we must lose our hope. Hope is all I have with my diabetes. If I were to lose hope I would have nothing.”

“What is wrong with nothing?” I asked.

She looked at me in disbelief. “If I have nothing I…I lose who I am. Just thinking about it makes me feel empty, abandoned.”

She seemed to shrink before my eyes, a kind of caving in on her self.

”Giving up hope,” She shared, “Is giving up life!”

Let’s try a little experiment, O.K.?” I encouraged her, “But you will have to trust me, do exactly as I ask.”

She was tentative but agreed, and I asked her to close her eyes. She placed both hands on the table, laced her fingers and let her flickering eyelids close. Behind her lids, her eyes darted about, not willing to be seduced by the soothing darkness that now surrounded them.

I said, “Let go of your hope. Let nothing take its place. What do you feel?”

After a few uneasy seconds she protested, “I feel afraid; anxious…I am very uncomfortable. I don’t like doing this.”

“Stay with me,” I encouraged, “Which emotion is the strongest?”

“Fear.” she said quietly.

Gently I instructed, “Instead of turning away from your fear, look at it closely. Become acutely aware of your fear. As you watch it, it will change.”

“What is happening to your fear now that you are watching it?” I asked.

“At first it got stronger. I wanted to open my eyes.” she replied, “Now it is like a pale shadow. It is like my awareness is the sun and the fear is burning away like fog!”

“Go on, continue observing your fear.” I encouraged.

A few moments later I noticed a change in her breathing and asked, “What do you see now?”

“Nothing.” Came her answer.

“Do you feel fear?” I asked.

“No, I feel nothing.” She repeated.

I said, “Pay attention to the nothing like you did the fear. What do you feel?”

“I feel peace, completely at peace.” She said with some surprise.

Her body was relaxed and her face glowed. Her eyelids had stopped flickering and her eyes were at rest. They must have found what they were looking for.

I asked her to open her eyes and as she did her lips parted in a gargantuan smile. She asked, “What just happened?”

Fear is a shadow that creates other shadows like anxiety, dread and remorse. Shadows grow darker in the subconscious when the conscious mind turns away from them. Hope turns the mind away from the present, where peace resides, and entices it to dwell on the future. Hope, like the future, is an illusion. Hope, like happiness, is conditional. Peace is unconditional and always present. Unconditional means it is free from things and ideas and emotions; free from the agony of opposites like right and wrong, birth and death, good and bad. Nothing is also unconditional and free from opposites. Nothing is the progenitor of peace. We don’t really fear nothing. We fear the idea of nothing. Peace is the movie screen upon which these shadows are thrown to create the illusion of life. Upon quiet inspection you will see through the phantom of fear, and its specter offspring, to the peace that is radiating just beyond. Peace is always there in the background, like a loving mother watching her child at play.

We spoke of many things that morning and the time to part came quickly. We stood up from the table and looked around the still crowded café.

I said, “You still have diabetes, but without hope you will be at peace with it.”

My friend gave me a big smile and a bigger hug. Then we turned and stepped through the glass doors to embrace the chaos beyond.

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The Blue Jay Way

“A great silent space holds all of nature in its embrace. It also holds you.”

                                                                                               ~ Eckhart Tolle

 “Not one sparrow falls from the sky that our heavenly Father does

not know about – so much does he love the creation he made.”

                                                                                                          ~ Matt 10:29

This may seem an obvious question but have you ever noticed how nature makes you feel good? Did you ever ask yourself why? We love to watch billowing clouds slowly transform into lions or gnomes or a blustery Uncle Fred. The power of the ocean draws us to its shore to watch waves tumbling over each other like playful kittens, only to surrender exhausted at our feet. We feel more complete, somehow more human, when we acknowledge nature. How does that work?

We humans are self-imposed prisoners of concrete and steel, cut off from the vibrancy of nature. We compensate by bringing plants and animals into our coffin like quarters, and it works, in part. Through them we are reminded of how we were in childhood when we were most like nature. But, what is it that nature has, or is, that we have lost?

Nature is our partner in evolution. It fluidly expresses, what we strive so hard to attain; effortless being. A bird acts without forethought or volition. A sparrow doesn’t say, “O.K., now I’d like to eat those berries but I’ve been gaining a little weight lately, maybe I shouldn’t. Besides, the purple ones give me gas and …” A bird naturally eats or doesn’t eat according to its nature. An elephant sleeps when it is time, a coyote hunts, a leopard leaps and a whale sings in perfect cadence with the singular beating heart of creation.

Nature is a tuning fork. It resonates at the perfect pitch for human harmony. It is always resonating, waiting for us, like a loving mother waiting for her children to return. When Nature does enfold us in her peaceful embrace the human mind gives up its mental toys and settles into the bliss of being purely human.

Then it happens. We prodigal sons and daughters of nature return the favor. We inspire nature to become conscious of its own existence; a completing of the Self-awareness circuit as it were, a reunion of Self with Self.

Several days ago I was leaving home for a meeting. I heard a rustle high in the tree overhead. My eye was drawn to a pair of blue jays flitting along the top branches. The male led the way to the next tree but the female hesitated as she looked at me, looking at her. She was ever watchful for predators, twisting her neck this way then that, in jerky motions as birds in the wild must. She cocked her head to one side for a long second and our eyes met again. This was no accident. She dropped down a few branches and began watching me more closely. I felt a strange sense of familiarity in her, an ancient camaraderie. I stood, neck bent, looking up into the branches. As she descended limb by limb, a sense of peace settled over me. She was less wary now, checking for threats only occasionally, content to calmly connect with me. By contrast her mate nervously scanned sky and earth while pacing between branches, giving little peeps and hurried chortles. But she remained steady on a branch now just above my upturned face. As I stood looking up, slightly swaying, she pulled one leg up under her and fluffed out her feathers looking like a blue-white snowman with one twig leg and two fathomless black eyes.

I don’t know how long we bathed in that communal silence, ten or fifteen minutes I suppose. I was the one to break it off. My neck was getting stiff and besides, I was now ten or fifteen minutes late for my appointment. I bade a silent goodbye to the jay, but what we shared could not be left behind. Our forms could separate and resume life in our alternate and alienated worlds. But we could not leave the silence behind; or the Knowing that had fathered it.

Walking away I turned to see if my friend was leaving too. She was, easily working her way back through the branches to console her harried mate. He met her among the leaves of the highest tree, scolded her lightly, looked both ways as if crossing a street, and flew beyond the roof of the building next door. Before following, she hesitated briefly and looked back over her shoulder. Our eyes met for the last time and stirred the still lively silence between us. Then she dropped into space, unfolded her wings and left our world behind.

We Are All One [English/Japanese]

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Grumbling Your Way to Enlightenment

Let me take a moment here and refresh your memory as this hierarchy is helpful in understanding where you may be and what you are capable of. It’s comforting and even helpful to know where you are going but the “how” of fulfilling your greatest potential is paramount. That is why you are reading this blog. The Quantum Entrainment technique is the bridge between theory and practical application.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (from lowest to highest):

  • Physiological: breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, excretion
  • Safety and security: body, employment, resources, morality, the family, health, property
  • Love/belonging: friendship, family, sexual intimacy
  • Esteem: self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respect by others
  • Self-Actualization: morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts

You are going to love this. Along with the ascending hierarchy of needs there is also an ascending scale of grumbling! Grumbling is a kind of low grade complaining. Basically, you grumble when you feel something is missing or needs adjusting. Maslow says man will always grumble. So now you can actually determine where on the scale of needs a person is by how he verbally vents his frustrations. You can monitor your own progress as you leave the lower needs levels behind. As your lower needs are satisfied you begin to grumble at a higher level. Isn’t that an interesting concept? And yes, even transcenders grumble. Let’s take a look at the different levels of grumbling.

  • Low Grumbling – physiological and safety needs
    • survival – food, shelter, clothes, illness, indignities, abuse, prejudice, cruelty, death related to survival
    • safety – work issues, financial issues, planning for the future, indignities, abuse, prejudice, cruelty, related to safety
  • High Grumbling – belonging and self-esteem needs
    • belonging – being misunderstood or accused, racial/gender profiling, comparing you to others
    • self-esteem – dignity, self-respect, respect for others, autonomy, feelings of worth, praise and rewards, receiving recognition for work
  • Meta-Grumbling – self-actualization/transcender
    • self-actualizer – inefficiencies in free flow of work, inaccuracies in information and communication
    • transcender – need for truth, perfection, beauty, imperfection of the world, injustice to others

It is in the last, or highest human need for self-actualization that we are most interested. What world does a self-actualizer live in? He experiences profound moments of love, understanding, happiness, and bliss. He feels more alive and whole and tuned into universal harmony. He naturally values goodness and truth and fair play. He has “being” awareness realizing that everything is perfect just as it is. Maslow calls these experiences B-values the “B” standing for being, a sense of oneness or unboundedness. Another word for being is stillness which you are now familiar with. You see, if you are doing QE and experiencing Eufeeling you are already strengthening your self-actualization.

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What Water?

Both negativity and positivity have their place in this world. This is an absolute reality. If we deny this reality we are living an illusion. Once we recognize how the two, the positive and the negative work together magical things begin to happen. We will dive more deeply into that ocean a little later in this blog. By the way, Quantum Entrainment® is very easy to do. It is far more difficult to talk about and conceptualize than it is to actually perceive. Just remember, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe do it every day. You can too.

Okay, back to our ocean-is-mind analogy (Blog:Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave…) and the idea that awareness of Eufeeling will give us more freedom and fulfillment. To become aware of the different conditions of water like temperature, clarity, etc., you must first become aware of the water itself. If you say to a fish, “Become aware of the water you are swimming in.” He will say, “What water?” But if you pluck that fish out of the water and let him experience the air, when he returns to the water he will certainly know it by contrast. All the different conditions of your mind, thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions, etc., depend on Eufeeling. To become aware of Eufeeling you must first become like the fish out of water. You must experience pure awareness. Once you do that in just the right way you settle into the great stillness of mind much like sinking to the very bottom of the ocean. There is an overwhelming collection of scientific research that extols the healthful benefits, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, of this Zen-like quiet state of mind. But we are only halfway there. The value of my discovery is realized in two ways, how to instantly experience this great mental stillness and how to stay there even during very vigorous activity. I know this instant access to inner stillness flies in the face of traditional teachings but you can’t argue with results. You may have heard that it takes years of study and arduous practice to experience no-mind, to clear the mind of thought. Up until now that has been true. However, I have taught many thousands of people from many different cultures speaking many different languages from many diverse educational, vocational, financial, and spiritual backgrounds and all, with just a few minutes of direction were able to gently leave thought behind and experience the simple joy of Eufeeling. Why? It is because awareness of Eufeeling is the birthright of every human on this earth. Open access to this inner essence, this inner stillness from which creativity, harmony, and healing flow is a natural extension of our humanness. It is embedded in our genetic code. Illumined souls of every generation have taught us that it is possible. We just didn’t know how easy it is.

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Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave…

All life in an ocean is directly dependent on the conditions of the water. A cold water fish cannot thrive in tropical waters just as a positive thought cannot thrive in a negative environment. It does not matter how many friends the cold water fish takes along with him into tropical waters he still will not prosper. Now, if the cold water fish were practicing positive thinking he would try and convince himself that the warm water was actually cold. Despite what his imagination tells him, the reality of living in warm water will continue to work against his every effort to live a productive life. As his quality of life continues to degrade he will experience more and more discomfort and negativity and he will have to work harder and harder to maintain the cold water illusion. You see? Sir Walter Scott knew all about this kind of mess when he penned, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” (I know, you think I messed up and should have given Shakespeare the credit for that quote. I used to think that too.) Who are we deceiving? Why ourselves, of course.

Here’s the point. Negativity has value. It does no good to try and sweep it under the carpet. When you create the illusion of positivity you miss the possibility of possibility. That’s right. While you work hard to maintain the belief that all is right with your world you miss the possibility of actually improving it. If our cold water fish did not practice positive thinking or become self-involved with creating intentions of affluence, he would be left with the stark reality that he does not fit in. This realization is his salvation and the first step on the path to tangible positivity.

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Positive Thinking Is a Form of Denial

In our last blog we said your thoughts are like the great variety of life forms that inhabit the ocean. Let’s step out of our ocean analogy for a moment and find out why positive thinking, as it is presently practiced, does not work. We tend to think that negative and positive thoughts are two different conditions of the same perception just like hot and cold are two different conditions of water. If hot water were considered negative and cold water positive then all we have to do is add enough cold water to the hot and it will quickly become cold. Some feel that adding enough positive thoughts to a negative perception will turn it into a positive perception but in reality that model does not work. Those of us who try to overpower a negative perception with positive thoughts are deluding ourselves. It takes a great deal of energy to maintain a positive attitude in a negative situation. It takes virtually no energy at all to perceive a positive situation. In reality a negative perception and a positive perception are not two different conditions of the same perception. In actuality they are two completely different perceptions. They are apples and oranges. Trying to turn apples into oranges by combining the two only makes a mess. Trying to convince yourself that a mess is not a mess is a form of denial that is both damaging and draining.

In later blogs we will devote a good deal more time to the fallacy that positive thinking, and the law of attraction improves our quality of life.

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Most People Don’t Even Know They Have Pure Awareness

Everything we experience is through pure awareness. Most people don’t even know they have pure awareness much less that it is their essential nature. It is more intimate to us than our families, our jobs, and even our health for without pure awareness we would have none of these things. It is pure awareness that makes it possible for us to feel, to think, to perceive, and to experience life in all its vibrant beauty. Pure awareness is our very essence.

In our daily life pure awareness has remained hidden. It works behind the scenes breathing life into life itself. When we become aware of pure awareness we tune into the actual lifeblood of creation. When we become aware of pure awareness we become like it and the mysteries of life unfold before our very eyes. What’s that mean to you in practical everyday language? It means you will have more energy, more success, more fun, and more love and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In quantum mechanics pure awareness is loosely analogous to implicate order, the formless non-energy from which all form and energy come. Everything you perceive, raindrops in a puddle, the hum of your refrigerator motor, the reflection of your face in the mirror, every created thing first begins as pure awareness.

Now here’s the problem. Your mind is not interested in pure awareness because it cannot directly perceive it. To the mind pure awareness is nothing. If it cannot perceive pure awareness then it cannot do what minds love to do; identify, analyze, manipulate, and create something new. So your mind is quickly bored with pure awareness the very thing that abolishes boredom. What to do?

Enter Eufeeling! Eufeeling is unique in all creation. It has, so to speak, a foot in both worlds. It is both formless pure awareness and the first beautiful expression of pure awareness in your mind. When you look at the water in an ocean you see that it takes many forms. On the surface there are waves and foam and currents flowing like great rivers. Below the surface there the water exhibits a diverse array of temperatures, densities, and clarity. The surface of the ocean can be very volatile while on the bottom of the ocean the water can be very still. If your mind were an ocean pure awareness would be the water and Eufeeling would be the different forms that water becomes. Your thoughts would be like the great variety of life forms that inhabit the ocean.

Try this simple pure awareness experience…

  • Look down at your feet
  • Now look up at the ceiling
  • What was in your mind from the time you looked at your feet to the time you looked at the ceiling?
  • Nothing, right? But you were still aware, right? You just had a brief experience of pure awareness!

Now enjoy this extended pure awareness experience:

Stop Thought Experience

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You Do Not Exist Without Awareness

Quantum Entrainment does not depend on your mind but on your awareness. Do you have awareness? Well of course you do otherwise you would not be reading this blog. You don’t have to synthetically generate your awareness like you do a positive emotion, right? When you are awake you are aware naturally and without effort. So this is our starting point, common everyday awareness.

The next ingredient in this remarkable recipe to remove suffering and increase success is perception. Perception is how you fill your awareness. We perceive through our senses; sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. When you see a flower the image of the flower is thrown onto the retina of your eye. The perception of the flower on the retina is changed into electrical impulses which are transmitted to your brain. Your brain translates the electrical impulses into an image of the flower you are looking at. The whole process is automatic and instantaneous.

Perception is how you fill your awareness. In this case you would see the flower but without awareness you will not know that the flower exists. If your eye were a camera then perception would be the procedure of taking the picture, that is, getting the image of the flower through the lens and recorded on the memory card. Awareness would be the light that made the whole process possible. Without light there is effectively no image of the flower and therefore no perception of the flower. As far as you are concerned it does not exist.

There are many shades of awareness. You can be alert, tired, distracted, drugged, etc. If we think of awareness as light then the different kinds of awareness represent different intensities of light. Let’s say that the brightest light possible registers 10 on our “light/awareness” scale. Everyday common consciousness would register 4 or 5 on our scale of 0 to 10. This would be like using your camera to take a picture outdoors on a cloudy day. Depending on the degree of fatigue tired awareness would be a 2 or 3. This would be like taking a picture at dusk as the sun is setting. Drugs like alcohol and other depressants would register 0 to 2 and would be like taking a picture at night. A stimulant like caffeine will temporarily push our awareness to 6 or 7 followed by rebound fatigue in the 2 to 3 range. This would be like taking a picture with a flash attachment and then having to recharge the battery.

Quantum Entrainment is a way to perceive the purest awareness, a 10 on our awareness scale. Having the purest awareness is like taking a picture under perfect conditions in full daylight. When we perceive through pure awareness it gives us the truest, most vibrant reflection of life. It frees us from having to struggle to see life clearly. It gives us the best chance for appreciating the world within which we live.

The Pure Awareness Technique

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Picture the Perfect World

Picture a world where you are following your innermost desires, doing the work that you are naturally drawn to do and love. It dovetails perfectly with your talents and interests. Your work regenerates you rather Than tiring you out. Time flies by almost too quickly. Like the flickering splinters of a lit sparkler, creativity burns within you. You are self-motivated, take pride in your work, and feel like you are a cohesive and contributing part to a grander plan. You are complete. In essence you are living in accord with your natural talents and interests, at one with yourself and your environment.

Now zoom out so that you are looking down on a city of people just like you. They are like you, each a productive and prodigious part of a grander plan. With little conscious effort each soul supports the other joyfully and with selfless purpose. Conflicts still exists but are resolved from a level of creative exuberance, joy, and playfulness. Distorting emotions and aberrant behavior are all but nonexistent. This city is not a place of individual minds and methods and self-serving agendas. It is an entity unto itself. It is alive, a vibrant reflection of the contentment and creativity of its inhabitants.

Now zoom out further so that you are looking down on the whole earth, that liquid blue marble spinning silently, powerfully on its axis. Know that every individual of every city of every country is living in perfect harmony within nature. We all have this vision of Utopia inside us. It came with us when we burst into this world and drew that first blazing breath of life into our lungs. It was there in childhood before we were taught our limitations. Then it was set aside, sequestered in the dungeons within, those dark places where we chain our most animated dreams until they tire. And there they slumber in the darkness waiting. It takes but a single shard of sunlight to scatter the darkness and reawaken even our deepest dreams.

When you become aware of Eufeeling you will find that sunlight already abides within you. This is not something you must acquire. You do not need to train or travel. You already have everything you need to see that light. You need only look in the direction of the sun and memory becomes full reality.

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